Added on May 22, 2013

CAR LOAN INTEREST RATES!!! Is It To Good To Be True!!! 0% Zero Percent Car Loans – The Truth It is becoming very common to see manufacturers adverting 0% comparison rates on purchases of brand new cars. It is not until you get into the dealership until you find out of any “catches”. This form […]

Added on May 10, 2013

There is an age old argument that rages on, that should you use your hard earned and saved cash to buy something like a motor vehicle that depreciates. The short answer could be yes, but only if you are the type of person who is a very dedicated saver and has a very firm budget […]

Added on April 19, 2013

Speaking with Steve Elliot of Steve Elliot Financial Services, he believes a great deal is not only a cheap interest rate, but also low fees and charges. Steve Elliot say’s that there is no point getting a great and fair interest rate if you are paying very high monthly account keeping fee’s. Your cheap interest […]