Car and Truck Loans what is a great deal?

Added on April 19, 2013

Speaking with Steve Elliot of Steve Elliot Financial Services, he believes a great deal is not only a cheap interest rate, but also low fees and charges.

Steve Elliot say’s that there is no point getting a great and fair interest rate if you are paying very high monthly account keeping fee’s.

Your cheap interest rate soon disappears when you work out that by combining your repayment plus your high monthly account keeping fee over the term of the loan you might have been better off taking a slightly higher rate with a lower fee.

One of the first things a lot of clients ask for is the cheapest rate around, and my response normally is, do you want the cheapest rate?, or do you want the cheapest repayment?

The answer should always be, I want the cheapest repayment, however many clients until I explain to them the difference, have no understanding of this.

Everybody wants a great deal on a car loan and Truck Loan, and the one thing that

Steve Elliot Financial Services does well, is they work for the client. Securing the fairest deal for the client is the most important part of their business and they take pride in achieving this.

Steve Elliot says, we work for our clients, who put their trust in us, not the banks.

At the moment we have secured some of the cheapest interest rates in the market place and we are always very mindful that achieving the best repayment possible for our clients is important.